Press Release


PERU 2017

The most important world event of snowboarding on the sand |"Sandboarding" will be held in Peru from 03 to 10 June. The locations will be in the Oasis Huacachina, the most important sand park in the world for the practice of this sport in the dunes.

The modalities of Slalom Parallel Gigante (PSG), Slopstyle (SLP), Boardercross (SBX) and Big Jump (BJ), modalities similar to those played in the snow will be realized.

About 60 riders from tropical countries where sandboarding is practiced exclusively and from winter countries where snowboarding is practiced, will be the protagonists of this evolutionary event on the board in the sand with the
trend called SandSnow.

The event is organized by the Swiss organization, International Sandboarding and Sandski Association - INTERSANDS, with the support of the district, municipal, regional authorities of the respective venues and sports institutions of the country, as well as the Swiss Embassy in Peru.

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