What is the Sandboard World Cup – SWC?

It is a high performance competitive event held every two years by the Swiss organization INTERSANDS – International Sandboarding and Sandski Association.

Why is it celebrated every two years?

In the process of the two years of management for the next World Cup, we seek to promote national and regional events in countries that are interested in having the support and management of INTERSANDS to progressively create a chain of events with the same regulations, organization and development process.

Who can participate in the SWC?

High performance athletes participate in the practice of the sandboarding discipline (snowboarder with no experience in sandboarding can participate by applying to WILDCARD).

How is the process of selecting riders?

INTERSANDS has a database of athletes who have been participating in different InterSands events, as well as tracking the national and / or regional events that are highlighted in each country. Between 2013 and 2016, InterSands monitored 80% of high-performance riders who already know their performance and evaluated activity every 6 months to consider it an active rider.

How can I participate in the World Cup?

FIRST OPTION: As mentioned, sandboarding has been evolving and developing along with the increase of riders and new talents and as a first filter we have the national and / or regional events that are organized in each country in coordination with InterSands.

In this way national and regional events are the most optimal alternative to consider the invitation of a high performance rider to represent their country.

SECOND OPTION: If in your country there are no events so that you can win a quota, your participation in international events that take place outside your country to validate a quota is valid.

If you are interested in participating in an event in collaboration with INTERSANDS, you can attend: Sandboarding Peru Cup (February 23), Cearense Circuit – Brazil (January or April)

THIRD OPTION: If in your country InterSands has not organized events, you have the option to apply for a WILDCARD.

What is the WILDCARD?

It is a wildcard invitation which considers the invitation of a rider to participate in the SWC as long as it sustains its high performance trajectory in the sport. The wildcard application can be done through the following link: WILDCARD POSTULATION.

After the organization’s committee receives your application, it is evaluated and it is possible that they contact you if necessary to receive more information and support to consider the invitation.

What is the evaluation time of the Wildcard?

After having sent the request, they will be answered within 02 to 03 days to inform you if the application is properly supported or if it is necessary to submit any additional support and / or reference.

If I apply for a WILDCARD, but there are events organized by InterSands in my country?

You can request the WILDCARD, but if there are events in your country in coordination with INTERSANDS, your application will be entered as a pre-qualification and you will have to participate in at least 02 of the events organized in your country. This will depend on the number of events that are organized and / or that are related in advance to the previous date of the SWC.



INSURANCE • REGULATION 2019 As an evolutionary part and thinking about the sporting and responsible culture that we want for future generations, it has been established as a regulation for the next Sandboard World Cup 2019, that all competitors must have accident insurance, in this way it will not be affected the rider in case he […]


Official Timetable

Official Timetable June 3rd: 09:00 am – 03:00 pm Riders welcome11:30 a.m – 12:00 a.m Press Conference04:00 pm – 06:00 pm SBX Track Test07:00 pm TC Meeting | General meeting June 4th 06:00 am – 07:00 am SBX Classification09:00 am – 10:00 am Opening Ceremony in front of Hotel Mossone03:00 pm – 06:00 pm Final […]



Team Captains Teams from each country are informed that this year a captain must also be chosen for each team. The captain of each team fulfills the responsibility of transmitting and informing all his team the decisions together for the proper development of the event in coordination with the organizing committee. The team captain can be […]


COMUNICADO 12.04.2019

* ENGLISH VERSION * COMUNICADO SWC 2019 “Paracas y Huacachina serán las sedes.” El 03 de Junio se recibirá a todos los riders en el Oasis Huacachina y el 06 de Junio nos trasladaremos a las Dunas de Adrenarena en le desierto de Paracas. Ya tenemos más de 10 países confirmados : Alemania, Francia, Suiza, Austria, España, […]



* VERSIÓN ESPAÑOLA * ANNOUNCEMENT SWC 2019 “Paracas and Huacachina will be the venues.” On June 3rd all riders will be received at the Huacachina Oasis and on June 5th we will move to the Adrenarena Dunes in the Paracas Desert. We already have more than 10 countries confirmed: Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Cape Verde, Brazil, […]


Wild Card application deadline

Wild Card application deadline The deadline for riders who wish to apply for a Wild Card will be April 15. If you have questions about the application or participation in the event, visit the frequently asked questions link. FAQ For the ladies category registration, please write to For the Wild Card you can apply […]


Anderson Dias of Brazil receives invitation to SWC 2019

Anderson Dias of Brazil receives invitation to SWC 2019 The athlete Anderson Dias who participated in the SWC 2017; He applied for an invitation through the wildcard option, he supported the request to become an accretor of a quota in the SWC 2019 event that will be held in Peru in June. According to the […]


Direct Pass SWC 2019 for Top 16 Riders SWC 2017

Sandboarders in the top 16 ranking of the last Sandboard World Cup 2017, obtain their direct pass for SWC2019 to be held from 03 to 08 June in Peru.   TOP 16 Slalom TOP 16 Sanbdoardcross TOP 16 Big Jump Expression (Big Air) TOP 16 Slope Style  Riders who have participated in SWC2017 and wish […]


InterSands World champion SWC2017, will compite in Snowboard Worldchampionship

Peruvian Chavez will be part in the FIS Snowboard World Championships in Park City Victor Chavez, current world champion in the slalom and boardercross modality of the InterSands Sandboard World Cup 2017, will realize his dream of participating in a world championship of snowboarding – UTAH 2019. But it would not be the first time he […]


European Champions of Sandboarding confirmed in the 2019 World Cup

European Champions of Sandboarding confirmed in the 2019 World Cup Coming from Europe, Manuel Ries and Luca Flachenecker already announced their arrival on May 31, 2019, to Peru to participate in the Sandboard World Cup. They were invited by InterSands to participate in the SWC for having obtained the best positions in the European ranking […]


Current World Champion Esdras, launches campaign to get support for upcoming sand and snow events.

Current World Champion Esdras launches a campaign to get support for upcoming sand and snow events. The current world champion of the modalities Big Jump and Slopestyle Esdras Tikinho, through a video, announces a campaign to get support for the challenges that have been proposed in the arena and snow. More information, contact him: Facebook: […]