InterSands Sandboard World Cup needs to wait again

Sandspirit is confirmed in Germany.

Last December 2021, Martin Guerra (responsible for the organization of the Sandboard World Cup) traveled to Peru to evaluate the possibility of holding this world event in 2022, however, the event that many sand and snow riders expect will have to be postponed. one more time.

Peru is one of the first options to hold this event, but in 2019 InterSands received the proposal from countries from other continents to host this great event that in its two editions carried out by the International Sandboarding and SandSki Association (Switzerland), has shown that snowboarding in the arena it has a lot of potential not only in South American countries.

The mission of INTERSANDS is to promote this sport in the dunes and does not rule out the possibility of organizing events prior to the World Cup such as the Freestyle SandSnow.


The SandSpirit – Open European Championship Sandboarding will be held in July 2022 and was planned to be held in 2020, but due to the pandemic this event was also affected. Despite this, in 2021 the Sand Spirit community was able to meet on Mount Kaolino and share pleasant moments but there was no competition.

07 - 10 Jul. 2022 | MONTE KAOLINO