European Champions of Sandboarding confirmed in the 2019 World Cup

Coming from Europe, Manuel Ries and Luca Flachenecker already announced their arrival on May 31, 2019, to Peru to participate in the Sandboard World Cup.

They were invited by InterSands to participate in the SWC for having obtained the best positions in the European ranking with the realization of the Sand Spirit Challenge that takes place in Germany annually and that brings together for more than 10 years the entire sand community of Europe that also share the feeling for the snow in the winter season.

The Sandboard World Cup 2019 will bring another stage for the evolution of sport in the sand and the union of riders arriving from Europe to unify the work of the American continent with the continent of Europe.

Sandboardcross in Sand Spirit Event in Germany

Manuel and Luca are the first two who already have the flight ticket in their hands, but it is expected the confirmation of more European riders who participated in the Sand Spirit.

After the Sandboard World Cup to be held in June, the scheduled date for the Sand Spirit in Europe is July 2019, so prepare your sandboard / snowboard to travel to Germany and ride at Monte Kaolino.

Luca Flachenecker

Manuel Ries


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