03 – 08 June 2019

The next Sandboard World Cup will be hosted once again in Peru with 02 locations:

“Paracas with the dunes of Pisco and Ica with the Dunes of Huacachina.”

The InterSands organizing committee apologizes for the delay in officially announcing the date and re-confirming the venue, the reason was the interest of other countries to host the event and we were evaluating all the possible, but for a logistical issue and dates all the possibilities were difficult, but it is not ruled out that in 2021 there will be a new venue for this Sandboard World Cup and also for the sandskiing’s evolutionary events.

Soon we will announce the countries that are already confirmed and some that will have to participate in qualifying events (especially countries where there is a large number of sand riders) others that have won a direct quote and that through snow events will be defined some participants; others through a Wild Card application.

As it was announced last year, the category ladies will officially enter this edition as well.

As you will have appreciated, the identifying color of this 2019 event will be the purple color.


Photo: Rossana Rodriguez | Rider: Current Sandboard World Champion 2017 • Esdras Tikinho




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