Show your support to the sport and help make these events unique.

If you are thinking about attending the SWC and want to be part of the volunteer staff, the organization of the event seeks 08 volunteers. What benefits can you have?

1. Be part of the most important snowboarding event in 2017 in the arena.
2. 20% discount on Huacachina Oasis accommodations
3. Lunch for 03 days
4. Event T-Shirt
5. Access to the private party
6. Certificate from the Swiss InterSands organization.


* Assist the Organizing Committee throughout the event.
* Assist the head of tracks (on the dune)
* Assist the logistics coordinator.
* Assist the registry manager of competitors.
* Assist as trail assistants.
* Assist in case of accidents (experience in first aid)


* Basic knowledge of the sport sandboarding or snowboarding
* Adequate physical condition to assist in the dunes.
* You need to be at least 18 years old.


The volunteer position is designed for people who are within their plans to attend or perhaps take the opportunity to be a part, the organization does not cover:

  • Does not cover full food (only 03 lunches)
  • Does not cover free accommodation (only 20% dscto)
  • Does not cover transfers from your home or city.

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