The organization of the event has received requests for riders who have not received the Sandboard World Cup invitation.

Our organization has invited riders who have been involved in events that have been organized by InterSands and / or supported during the last three years.

In consideration of these requests, the following was considered:

  1. Two or three quotas (per country) for snowboarding riders from countries where it is not possible to practice sandboariding or even is not professionally massed. (Example: Morocco, Austria, France, Holland, etc.)
  2. If there are quotas for riders in your country, you can earn a quota in the following way:
    •  Our organization could organize an event to give some quotas (example: Antofagasta-Chile).
    • Where it is not possible to organize an event, we must receive the request of the rider with the endorsement of an active member of our organization InterSands in his country to guarantee the professional level.
    • Where there are still no active members of our organization, you must submit your application with the endorsement of one of the invited riders to SWC and two people who know their professional level, as well as photos and videos.

Best regards,

Comite InterSands